Types of Bonsai Trees

Since the bonsai trees came to be recognized as a popular art form throughout the world, different types of bonsai trees have been created by the experts. They are used as decorative indoor plants in the western countries, while in Asian countries they are used both indoors and outdoors. Some people even consider them a symbol of good luck and fortune.

In a bonsai museum, you can see a vast collection of different bonsai species. While the traditional art form was restricted, the bonsai masters have now taken the art to a different level altogether, and different types of plant species have been used to create bonsai formations.


This is perhaps the most common and popular type of bonsai trees. It was popularized in a movie called the ‘The Karate Kid’ hence it came to be associated with that movie. Even today people call it the ‘The Karate Kid’ bonsai. This plant has a typical tree-type appearance, and they look like a miniature form of natural trees.


When we talk about bonsai trees, we usually get the impression of a miniature bush however they can also be flowering versions. The Azalea species are one of the most popular flowering versions of this art form. The Kurume and Satsuki hybrids are the most popular types of flowering bonsai trees. In a Bonsai museum, you can get to see breathtaking artistic forms of bonsai plants created by bonsai masters.


In the topical regions, the bonsai plants vary slightly in terms of style. The Buttonwood is one of the most popular types of bonsai trees that grow along the Florida shorelines. While there are different types of bonsai trees you can find in the tropical areas; the Conocarpus erectus is a popular species.

Bamboo Bonsai:

This is a rare to find bonsai tree because the way bamboo grows makes it difficult to create them. Furthermore, they are the fastest growing plants making them tough to hold in a container. There are several bamboo plants that are styled like bonsai, but they are not real bonsai trees.

Boxwood Bonsai Trees:

These types of bonsai plants are created from evergreens trees featuring large Buxus genus. When they say ‘evergreen,’ people often consider them to be conifers such as junipers and pines. However, the Buxus varieties have been used for years to create this popular art form.

These are just a few types of bonsai trees that can be found in a museum. There are hundreds of different varieties worth exploring, and we will discuss them later in this site.