Three Popular Bonsai Museums

Bonsai plants are artistic masterpieces that take a lot of patience and skill to create. They are the pinnacle of gardening skills. Although they are called by different names such as penjing or bonsai, they are almost the same in their essence. They are miniature forms of plants that are so beautifully created that they make a sight to behold. No wonder there are special bonsai museums around the world to showcase the different varieties of this unique species of plants.

If you are a fan of this artistic gardening form, then you must visit these popular bonsai museums to see how these implausible art forms are created and maintained with ease. Here’s our brief summary of the three of the most popular bonsai museums, their specialties, and collection.

#1. National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum in the United States houses perhaps the largest collections of these unique and breathtaking art forms. It showcases both the Japanese art of bonsai plants and the traditional Chinese art of penjin. This art form which has its roots in Asian culture came to the western countries at a much later stage, and today they form an integral form of interior décor in several houses in the west.

National Bonsain & Penjing Museum

The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum came into existence when some Japanese bonsai enthusiasts belonging to the Nippon Bonsai Association donated about 53 picturesque bonsai plants and six artistic stones in 1976. A special museum was created to house these plants, and today it boasts a collection of more than 150 bonsai plant species painstakingly created by both Japanese and Chinese masters.

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#2. Pacific Bonsai Museum

Pacific Bonsai MuseumIf you are a lover of abstract art, then Pacific Bonsai Museum is one place where you will find a piece of heaven waiting to be explored. The breathtaking stone formations and beautiful bonsai art forms will make you feel awed at the amazing ways of nature. This museum is nestled amidst mighty and towering conifers which creates a strongly contrasting background for these miniature plant creations. It feels like seeing two extremes at one place on Earth.

Besides the breathtaking and grand outdoor setting of this museum, it also boasts an amazing collection of 150 beautiful bonsai trees. The collection includes some of the finest and purest species collected from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Canada and the United States. No matter which time of the year you pick to visit this museum, there’s always something beautiful and new to see.

#3. The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Japan

When you want to see the extreme traditional forms of bonsai plants, visit the land of its origin. Japan has some of the best bonsai masters who have kept up with the age old tradition of creating these miniature garden masterpieces. This museum was opened in 2010, and it is run by a public association.

Omiya Bonsai Art Museum Japan

There are over 120 bonsai masterpieces, and each item on display has an enchanting story to tell to the visitors. These plants are carefully chosen based on the four different seasons so you can see nearly 60 bonsai plants always on display in the garden and gallery area.

If you feel the urge to explore the exhibits right now, you can visit the website galleries at any time and take a look at the beautiful masterpiece on display in these museums.