How Museum Collection Management Software Can Be Used For Virtual And Actual Bonsai Museums?

Bonsai museums are a unique collection of living and breathing art forms. The bonsai plants are so unique and breathtaking that they are worth keeping in museums for people to see. If you visit a bonsai museum, your eyes will be treated with an extraordinary display of bonsai collection belonging to the Japanese and Chinese culture. Both these types of art forms are special in their own unique way, and the traditions have been kept alive painstakingly by the bonsai masters.

Some of the popular bonsai museums such as the Pacific Bonsai Museum have more than 150 collections of different bonsai plants. Each item has a unique story to tell about its origin, history, and significance. The exhibits in this museum have been collected from around the world, from countries like China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

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Managing Bonsai Museums with Management Software

At any time, you will find about 60 seasonal bonsai plants on display, so there’s always something to see and explore in the museum. But have you ever thought how much hard work goes into managing the collection in the museum, keeping the records of each item, updating them with changes, an addition of new items, shelving non-seasonal bonsai plants and putting on display the ones that are in full bloom?

So you can imagine the mountain load of record keeping and management tasks that goes behind maintaining a bonsai museum. If the collection is vast, then this complexity increases further, and a small mistake can cause much loss to the museum property.

These activities can be simplified with the use of museum collection management software.  So, instead of manually maintaining and updating records, all these activities will be done online using the software. It not only makes the process quicker and more efficient but also removes the possibility of making mistakes.

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The same applies to the virtual collection of bonsai museums. If a museum has an online gallery on their website where they upload the details of each item on display for the visitors to see, this can be a huge job. Each item will come with details regarding when it was gifted or created in the museum, its species, specialties and other significant details regarding the plant.

Maintaining details of a massive collection and keeping it always updated can be a mountainous task. This can be simplified with the help of management software that allows you to maintain and update the online records with ease.

Eloquent Museum Makes It Easier

Whether you are looking for a management system for your actual or virtual bonsai museum, Eloquent Museum can make it easier for you. It is used to keep record about the inventory of all items and create a virtual library based on that item for public viewing. The mechanism includes spreadsheet entry method which enables the quick entry of items in the records. This is also supported with sets, subsets, and various other levels. For each item on the record, the physical item may be on display while the digital images and other shareable records are linked to the item.

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One of the biggest advantages of Eloquent Museum software is that it is fully mobile integrated so the admin, as well as the users, can access the virtual collection of records from almost anywhere. The software comes equipped with all the features of time-tested and proven traditional collection management software, which also works as a digital asset management (DAM) system.

Some of the benefits of using the Eloquent Museum management software for virtual and actual bonsai museums are as follows:

  • Maintains records regarding the donor of each item
  • Creates a virtual museum online for the visitors to see the collection on their mobile phone
  • Easier to track and update the bonsai plants on display
  • Find the current location of a particular plant
  • Manage information regarding valuation and insurance of the museum items

With a feature rich and robust museum collections management software like the one offered by Eloquent Systems, managing an actual as well as virtual bonsai museum becomes much easier than you can imagine.